Name That Language!

See if you can guess the language in short audio clips. *New mobile-friendly layout!


Identify syntactical dependencies, collect brains and eat them! This language game is fun for both fans of grammar and zombies.


Books have started to lose their words because people are not reading them anymore. Will you help us put them back together?

Word Clicker

WordClicker Bakery is a game about language and making cakes.

Tile Attack

Go head-to-head against another player competing to identify the noun phrases of a text.

Rigor Mortis

Test your intuitions about multiword expressions.

Phrase Detectives

Compete against other detectives by identifying the relationships between words and phrases in a variety of texts including literature, history, travel, entertainment and science. Earn top scores!

Know Your Nyms

Keep Your Brain on its Toes by identifying synonyms, antonyms, hyponyms and meronyms.

Jeux de mots

Lexical and semantic games with a purpose in French.